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About me

Beauty therapist since 2005. I have a passion for massage. I love helping people to relax and unwind. It makes me happy to ease people’s tension and their aches and pains. I look forward to seeing you for your first appointment.


Neils yard remedies & consultant.

Rosemary Lappin


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Some of the Services Offered

Massage Treatments

Massage is an effective and powerful treatment that can help maintain your body. Rose will give you a consultation which is free this way we can decide what is the best massage for you.  Please plan your massage in advance giving your self rest afterwards.

Bamboo Massage

Bamboo is a deep tissue massage similar to Swedish massage, Bamboo sticks are heated in a vulsini heat bag. Rolling and kneading is used to relax tight tense muscles. Can be used along side other massage therapies

Hot Stones

Hot stones are a great treatment which help to warm up the muscles with out too much pressure. It is an effective and healing experience which is great for fibromyalgia arthritis and muscles spasms. I can use hot stones for full treatment or use them at the beginning or end of Swedish and aromatherapy treatments.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a very effective treatment that  helps to relax the body. Grape seed oil is applied with light medium or deep pressure. This treatment will help increase oxygen in the blood, helps to remove toxins, improve circulation and flexabilty of muscle easing tension. It is always advised to plan your massage and rest afterwards.


Aromatherapy is an effective massage using plant base Aromatherapy oils blended in to a base oil. A light to medium pressure is applied. The oils will help your body mentally and also can have a healing effect. Different blends can be made to up lift your mood and help you to relax. There are blends for depression anxiety and many more.

Happy Customers

  • Professional massage in nice atmosphere. Defenitely recommend it. Thank you Rose 
  • Been for waxing, facials. massage and gel nails, absolutely fabulous. The best massager I’ve found so far!
  • Thanks you so much for my gel nails, toes and eyebrow wax , great service and lovely results xx

Contact Me

To make it easier for you to book an appointment, now I do all the appointments via text messages. Please text me on the number below to get more information or to book an appointment.

Text me on: +44 07555 219 692

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Swedish £25–£40 (30–60 min)
Bamboo £20–£35 (30–60 min)
Aromatherapy £20–£35 (30–60 min)

Hot Stone

– Back


– Foot & Leg


£20–£35 (30–60 min)

£20 (30 min)

Indian Head Massage (this treatment performed sitting up with or without oil) £20 (30 min)
Chair massage

£10 (10 min)

£14 (15 min)

£18 (20 min)

£25 (30 min)



Express Facial £15 (30 min)
Facial £25 (60 min)
Facial and Scalp £25 (40 min)
Neal’s Yard Facial £25-£40 (30-60 min)


Body scrubs

Full Body Scrub £30 (60 min)
Full Body Scrub & Massage £70 (90 min)


Hand and Foot

Manicure Wrap £22 (60 min)
Pedicure Wrap £25 (60 min)

Manicure & Pedicure Wrap


 £44 (90 min)
Gel Manicure £25 (60 min)
Gel Pedicure £28 (75 min)

Gel Polish Fingers


£15 (45 min)

Gel Polish Toes

£20 (60 min)

Gel Fingers and Toes £35 (105 min)



Wax and Tint

Eyebrow Wax £5
Eyebrow Tint £5
Eyebrow Tint, Eyelash Tint and Eyebrow Wax (Tint Test done 24 hours prior to the treatment)


Lip & Chin £6
Eyebrow, Lip & Chin £12
Underarm £7
Bikini £8
Brazillian £15
Hollywood £30
Bikini & Underarm £13
Half Leg £12
Full Leg £18
Half Leg, Bikini & Underarm £24
Full Leg, Bikini & Underarm £29
Half Arm £9
Full Arm £13
Full Face £20
Full Body £65



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